Washing instructions Cashmere

Oh no, I've got a stain on my cashmere! What do I do? 

No danger, cashmere can be washed but it is important to wash cashmere properly. To begin with, only wash your cashmere if you really need to, for example if you have a stain. It is possible to use a washing machine below 30-40 degrees Celsius, then use a short program, the wool program. Do not forget to use a laundry bag and to further protect your cashmere, you can use a special wool detergent, without alkalis. Never use regular fabric softener. 

We recommend a hand wash in lukewarm water, to preserve the softness of the cashmere longer. Air dry cashmere when it is washed, place the shawl on a towel and let it dry, do not use the dryer at all and do not hang up cashmere, as it easily loses its shape. 

Do not forget that your cashmere is one of the world's finest and most delicate wool fibers. The wool fiber is dirt-repellent, which means that an airing from time to time is usually enough to keep your cashmere clean and nice. Should you get a stain, we recommend going to dry cleaning for the best possible handling. You can steam and iron your cashmere on very low heat. 


tvättråd kashmir


Hand wash cashmere, step by step


1. Carefully remove any bumps, by hand or with a cashmere brush.

Hand wash gently in lukewarm water with wool detergent without colander.

Place your cashmere on a towel and let it air dry. Do not hang the cashmere at all as it loses its shape.

Gently pull at the edges and lightly press on your cashmere for faster drying and less creases.

5. If you need to, you can easily steam the cashmere or use a weak iron.