Cashmere inspiration for fall

Meet a mother and daughter in a journey of generations with cashmere. If you care for your relationships, they will last forever. If you take care of your cashmere, you have a cashmere shawl forever, to share for generations. Join a mother and daughter relationship, get inspired of fall fashion with cashmere and cashmere scarfs and how to nurture relationships.

A mother & daughter relationship

What do cashmere have in common with relationships?
cashmere leopard beige

Cashmere & Relationships

Kashmir works like relationships - if you take care of them carefully and show appreciation, you have a friend or a cashmere garment for life.

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dalmatian cashmere scarf

For parties or everyday

Are you going to a fancy dinner? Perfect to throw on an elegant cashmere scarf that feels both warming and cozy, while it looks very flattering. Also matches everything. We promise!

Are you going out in the autumn weather? Replace sequins and glitter with a white basic shirt and add a cashmere scarf for a perfect everyday look.

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Care for your relationships

We know that it is difficult to spend time together in these special times. But you can always find time for a text or a phone call, now that you can not spend time together as usual. We promise, it will be appreciated that you take the time!
cashmere autumn inspiration

So, what do they have in common?

Well didn't we just say it .. If you take care of your relationships you have a friend for life. A stable relationship for the good times and the bad ones.

If you take care of your cashmere shawl, you have an accessory for life, which you can also inherit for generations.

So what are you waiting for? Call your mother and show your appreciation (or ask if you can borrow her cashmere shawl) ..

Cashmere for everyone