Care instructions Cashmere

Once you have brought home your soft cashmere shawl, it is time to take care of your cashmere so it lasts as long as possible. If you take care of cashmere in the right way, you have a cashmere shawl, in the same soft feeling, for life.


The cashmere you have at home is woven by hand and should be handled carefully for maximum durability. Store your cashmere, cool, dark and horizontal, not hanging and do not forget to air it between uses. The accompanying bag is perfect for storing your cashmere in the best way. Regular airing is usually enough to keep the cashmere clean and tidy. 


Unused cashmere can nibble at first due to the fiber length. The shortest fibers come to the surface and can be removed by hand, or with a cashmere brush. After the first wash, the tingling decreases.


kashmir skötselråd vika