Black Friday discount? Not at Moonan & Ponsbach

During the month of November, we will not have big sales and promotions. We will not "celebrate" Black Friday like many others, on the contrary, we will give away the Black Friday discount to Love & Hope.

Moonan & Ponsbach strive to be as sustainable as we can, in every conceivable way. The goal since day one has been to be able to reinvest as much as possible of the profits to help others who are not as fortunate as we are. 

We will therefore donate 10% of all sales to Love & Hope throughout the month of November instead of having Black Friday offers. 

Love and Hope is a Swedish aid organization that works against child sex trafficking, with operations in India and Nepal. They work on the basis of a Christian set of values based on the equal value of all human beings.

In the project countries, they work both to prevent children from ending up in the sex trade and to save and help the children who have already been sold. We work together with local organizations and in some cases also with authorities to direct the help where it is most needed.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is often described as America's largest shopping and spending day. Together with days like Cyber Monday and now Singles Day in November, Black Friday has not only become Black Weekend but also Black Week and actually a whole month of sales and shopping.

Moonan & Ponsbach wants to contribute to sustainability and to shop for sustainability smart as well as consumption smart. Therefore, we are boycotting consumerism during the month of November and instead focus on contributing back to the more vulnerable by donating 10% of all sales to Love & Hope. 

Why don't you donate more than just 10% of your sales?

Our goal is to reinvest as much as possible of the profits to start up charity projects in Nepal. The purpose is then to sell Anila & Babu's cashmere shawls at a reasonable price where they are above all well paid but also that our customers can afford to buy our shawls. In order to be as competitive in price as Moonan & Ponsbach are, we have chosen not to price our cashmere shawls higher than required, partly by taking smaller margins, selling online and working without intermediaries. 

As a consumer, you can also keep this in mind when you shop during large sales periods. Think about whether it is really cheaper or it just seems cheaper for you to shop more? 

If you want to be part of the consumption friendly and at the same time contribute to a better future for children, you only need to shop at Moonan & Ponsbach during the month of November and you will automatically donate 10% of your order to Love & Hope. 

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If you want to support Love & Hope directly, you will find their website with more information here>