About M&P

It all started with a trip to India.

What was originally intended as a holiday quickly developed into an emotional roller coaster of which two emotions stood out, elation / curiosity and love / joy.

We fell in love with Indian culture. We wanted to see every place, feel every scent and really experience everything that had a connection to the Indian way of life, and how it was communicated symbolically but also materially.

Cashmere, cashmere and cashmere. The softest and most exclusive of materials. Here it seemed to be just about everywhere and also at an affordable price. We asked ourselves and each other, how can it be so expensive in Europe? We did not know that we would soon have the answer.

After just a few days in India, we met a married couple named Anila and Babu. We started talking, and found out that they were in India selling their cashmere to tourists. We were fascinated by their story and steered the conversation closer to the cashmere industry. It turned out that Anila and Babu lived up in the mountains of Nepal, not far from Mount Everest, where they collected, produced and sold 100% hand-woven cashmere. The whole village works with cashmere and feeds on their family business. One can no doubt say that cashmere is their livelihood.

The main area for selling cashmere turned out to be in Goa during the high season of tourism. Anila and Babu struggled with competitors' low prices and "cashmere" which is mixed with other materials and manufactured in factories. Anila knew that there was another type of customer in Europe, and she longed to one day enter the European market to showcase her proud life's work.

Today we are proud to be the only sellers of Anila and Babu 100% handmade cashmere from Nepal.

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