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Cashmere shawl for weddings and parties

Cashmere shawl for weddings and parties

Are you getting married this summer? Maybe you are a guest at a wedding? Nothing to wear? Panic? Welcome to the best wedding accessory - cashmere shawls! You can wear a cashmere shawl over the shoulders, match it to a prom dress or wedding dress. On with the cashmere shawl then you are ready for all the events of the summer. 

White cashmere shawl for weddings
A white cashmere shawl must be the wedding's most popular accessory. Great for weddings for the bride, groom, babies and guests. 

Are you going to another type of party? 
A cashmere shawl is the ultimate garment for all types of parties. Baptism, reception, student, record, party - yes all events simply. 

Suitable for warmer as well as colder occasions.
A cashmere shawl is both warming for cooler occasions and evenings, but cashmere is also great to have on warmer days. Kashmir breathes very well and according to tradition in Nepal, cashmere is used as the only protection against the sun. The goats that roam the mountains of Mount Everest are accustomed to extreme temperature changes from hot to cold and therefore cashmere is the ultimate party accessory. 

Dress up or undress.
Unsure of dress code? Cashmere is a material that is suitable for all generations and for all styles and occasions. If you have a cashmere shawl, you can wear it for both a suit as well as a wedding dress, prom dress, skirt or why not more casual? 

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