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Cashmere pills and fuzz

Cashmere pills and fuzz

Cashmere, one of the world's most glorious, exclusive and most expensive materials. It is both warm, comfortable, soft, lovely, perfect for all seasons and even protective from the sun. This super material therefore also requires careful handling to stay soft and nice for several years. 

We have gathered our best tips for preventing and removing pills and fuzz from cashmere.

How come cashmere get's pills and fuzz?
We know, it's so frustrating when you start getting pills and fuzz on your cashmere. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent as cashmere is a very delicate material, double twisted from thin yarn from cashmere wool. The cashmere yarn consists of small fibers and when you use your cashmere frequently, the fibers that lie in the yarn move and fuzz occur. Of course, you should use your cashmere despite the risk of pills as there are methods you can use to prevent and eliminate fuzz. 

If you take care of cashmere, you have a cashmere shawl for several years. 


How to remove pills and fuzz from cashmere
There are several ways to remove fuzz from cashmere. 

Use a wool comb or a cashmere brush
Place your cashmere on a hard and firm surface, comb gently with a wool comb or specially made cashmere brushes. Stay tuned for Moonan & Ponsbach, soon we will also launch our brushes specially developed for cashmere. 

Gently stroke a pumice stone over cashmere
A variant of a cashmere brush is to gently stroke a pumice stone over cashmere. You could almost say that it works much like magnets, no not really - but you understand the logic. Important when making the pumice variant for cashmere fuzz is to be extremely careful.

Pick the fuzz by hand 
In Nepal, in fact, cashmere fuzz are usually picked by hand. Maybe not the most practical but it works well as long as you are extremely careful with this method as well. Very important. 

Avoid getting pimples
There are small tricks you can do to avoid getting pills but even the finest cashmere can get fuzz. If you use your cashmere shawl often, it will most likely collide with jewelry, jackets and other garments. Then small, small balls are formed which we call pills or fuzz. Cashmere will do good by not being used 24/7. To avoid pills and fuzz to your cashmere, you can vary your cashmere shawls, maybe change color sometimes and match with a different look? 


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